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This set of web pages is dedicated to the knives and other items  made by the Schrade families of knife craftsmen and craftswomen over the last 100 years.

All the images displayed here are the personal property of the owner of this site or of the persons whom have asked to have the image or article presented. I will not sell any of these items. They are displayed here for our edification and gratification. I will supply an e-mail address below to use to submit pictures, articles, or reviews of knives related to the Schrade's.

I will not be offering a discussion forum and am not considering a "blog". To discuss these and any of the Schrade related products, please come see all the Schrade-aholics or as we have been known to call ourselves "Uncle Henry's Lost Souls" at Bladeforums.com and AAPK. They do a far better job of running a forum than I could.

NEW  entry Camillus Cutlery Corp which closed its doors 2/28/2007. 


3/21/2020 Added New 12/1910 Gimlet edition to the Gimlets

3/25/2020 Added 1884 Hibbard catalog and a separate section containing the Ulster s in that catalog.

You can address it directly at www.collectors-of-camillus.us

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Recently I have been gathering information on the Colonial Knife, another of the older large east coast knife companies with the hope of another section for this site. Robert Paolantonio is publishing a book on his families company and has shared a few pictures with myself and Scott. Scott has created a blog with these pictures and some good information for viewing at  http://pocketknivesblog.com/category/colonial/  While there check out his other entries.


A special article on the history of and the laws which banned Switch Blades and other knives.

Switch Blade Legacy  by Bernard Levine


History and articles about Schrade




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AMEX Presidents series 1981-Tradesman collecton The Quincentenary
  Federal Duck Stamps The 49ers Sales Meetings


Kingstons Mexican Imperial Collection (Larry H) Ulsters  
Sears Craftsman. (Arnold & Michael's Work In Progress) Some of these are Camillus and we are identifying them as fast as we can.



1884 Hibbard Catalog

 "The Gimlet" booklets

 Parker-Frost Catalogs


      (06-1959 T. Moat)

KeenKutter  Belknap Buck Knives Dates



























Come see some fantastic collections from the real collectors at The Collectors Corner


US. Knife Patents Relating to Camillus, Schrade and others

US. Trademarks for Schrade, Imperial and Camillus

The patents and trademarks research above can be found at The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)


The Prince Albert story As originally published in 2002

Prince Albert Uncovered  2006

Some of the packaging used (2/2007)

Ads through the years

Books on subject of Schrades and knives:

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Bernard Levine's KNIFE-EXPERT Page: Author, Expert Witness, Identification, Appraisal


The X-ray and other Camillus knives live on Darrel's original designs and much more.



   William Schrade Custom Cutlery







Hopefully much more to come.

I hated to do do this but, to protect others from the unscrupulous few, I have been asked and have agreed to add a watermark to the items I have displayed that have been found being sold as originals.