Keen Kutter

The Keen Kutter name as been kept alive by many companies.

In 1874 Simmons Hardware Company started buying knives made by The Walden  Knife CO. Simmons gained controlling interest in Walden Knife in 1902. All Keen Kutter knives were made by Walden until 1922 when Winchester bought Simmons.  At which time the knives were made by Winchester in Connecticut until 1929. Winchester and Simmons parted again in 1929.The contents of Walden Knife Co were sold at auction in 1928. Shortly after the auction the Walden Knife Co building was bought by Schrade. Sharpleigh Hardware bought Simmons in 1940 and sold Keen Kutters until 1959 when the company was bought by Val-Test distributors. After 1959 Schrade made limited edition Keen Kutters. Frost has also produced a Series of Keen Kutters.



KeenKutter Pgs 1-18 from Simmons Hardware catalog@1917's

KeenKutter Pgs 19-36




KeenKutter -1939


KeenKutters 1950


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