A collection of The Gimlet booklets 1909-1917 Edited by Mike Kinney of Shapleigh Hardware Co.

"The Gimlet is a small instrument with a point"

Booklets provided by Jason Rosinsky unless noted.

Hopefully we will be able to add more as they are found.

If you have any copies and would like to share with the group, please let me know.

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August 19, 2020" Added the Gimlet Story, Norvell-Shapleigh and the Forty Years of Hardware.

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The Gimlet Story


Forty Years of hardware by Saunders Norvell 1924


Gimlet-March-1909 Gimlet-May-1909  
  Gimlet-April-1910 Gimlet-Nov-1910 Gimlet-Dec-1910
Gimlet-Feb-1912 Gimlet-Mar-1912 Gimlet-April-1912
Gimlet-May-1912 Gimlet-July-1912 Gimlet-Aug-1912
Gimlet-Sept-1912 Gimlet-Oct-1912 Gimlet-Nov-1912
Gimlet-Jan-1913 Gimlet-March-1913 Gimlet-April-1913
 Gimlet-July-1913 Gimlet-Aug-1913  
 Gimlet-Sep-1913 Gimlet-Oct-1913 Gimlet-Nov-1913