I have 4 VCR tapes that I am converting to digital form.

The 1st is a looping video produced 4/1981 was used as a show booth prop about the Uncle Henry knives. I clipped out the last 30 seconds of the video.

The other 3 VCR's were sent by LT and will be converted shortly.

Because video takes up huge amounts of bandwidth I have made 2 versions of the 1st clip.

The smaller will load quickly but the pictures are quite small and grainy.

Smaller uh-movie.wmv

Larger uh-movie-big.wmv

New additions 11/27/2011

WWII 50th Commemorative

MacArthur - Part 1

MacArthur - Part 2

Quincentendry (see the printed version off the sites home page)

You should be able to zoom in on all these movies to at least 200%, dependent on your browser.