Utica Cutlery Company

1910-2007 (From Catalog)

The Utica Cutlery Company was founded in 1910 by a group of prominent Utica businessmen. It was felt that a metal working industry would create employment and bring economic balance to the area. The primary industry in Utica at that time was textile manufacturing.

The original location for the company was 820 Noyes Street. Through the years, several major additions were made to the building, but the address remains the same. The current size of the factory and office is approximately 100,000 square feet. The company has continuously manufactured pocket knives since 1910. In 1918, fixed blade kitchen cutlery was added. During World War II, the company manufactured bayonets and carbine parts and earned UTICA the coveted Army-Navy E., as well as a number of other awards. Stainless flatware was added to the line in 1952 and has been continuously manufactured and marketed by the company since that time. The flatware program was substantially enhanced during the mid-seventies with the addition of imported flatware. This broadened the line by adding a number of new qualities and price points.

In 1970, the company acquired the Walco Stainless Division of Voos Industries. WALCO is a major player in the hotel/restaurant industry and provides an entire array to the institutional market. WALCO is an independent division of the Utica Cutlery Company serving the institutional market.

Today, Utica’s KUTMASTER division manufactures and imports a wide range of pocket, lockback, fixed blade, and liner lock knives. KUTMASTER holds patents on several Multi purpose tools which are manufactured in Utica, New York.

In addition to folding knives a wide array of cutlery and picnic sets are offered in both set and kit configurations. The KUTMASTER division services the Sporting Goods marketplace, as well as Hardware, and Advertising Specialty industry. A number of products are manufactured in Upstate N.Y. under private label arrangements for a wide range of customers.

Additional info

Utica was founded by former Camillus employees as well as the investors mentioned above

KUTMASTER was added as a brandname in 1937.

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