The following are Audio ads that were played on the IN-FISHERMAN radio series during the years listed.

These are all in an MP3 format.

[SND] 1984-1.mp3             
[SND] 1984-2.mp3         
[SND] 1984-3.mp3         
[SND] 1984-4.mp3          
[SND] 1984-5.mp3             
[SND] 1984-6.mp3            
[SND] 1984-7.mp3             
[SND] 1984-8.mp3             
[SND] 1984-9.mp3             
[SND] 1984-10.mp3       
[SND] 1984-11.mp3       
[SND] 1984-12.mp3       

[SND] 1985-1.mp3         
[SND] 1985-2.mp3           
[SND] 1985-3.mp3          
[SND] 1985-4.mp3           
[SND] 1985-5.mp3           

This is a song done for the 1985 sales convention
[SND] Coming Alive in 85.mp3