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When you get that old knife: To clean it or not?

What is that beautiful handle material?

A little Schrade history in their own words:

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A Timeline of the Schrade companies

Some knife superstitions from around the world

The George Schrade story by his grandson George M. Schrade

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Georges WireJack knives

1928 Walden Knife Co Auction inventory

Knife Knowledge

What Makes Schrade a GREAT Knife

1940's Ulster Photos

1945 E Award Celebration

1954- 50th Anniversary

1977- Quality Control Visual Guide to Knives

1982-Schrade-Blades Newsletter

1987- Imperial RI closes King Street Plant

1994 Camp Knife Booklet

The missing UH's

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Some great old factory pictures

A look inside the factory in 2004

Company Newsletters/Almanics

Switch Blade Legacy  by Bernard Levine

The story of Cuchilleria Imperial by Jason Rosinsky 9/2019


The end of an era is fast approaching!

The Perfect Hunting Knife

Battle to survive

The Final Notice - 07/29/2004

Officials got no Schrade layoff warning

The Auction Oct 26-28 2004

Schrade Meltdown - 2/2005


Tough times for the workers

News Articles 2002-2005

Schrade building

Archer Ferguson and Imperial Schrade join forces

A New company rises from the fall