Our Schrade Collection and Reference.


The Flyers posted here are a great source of reference. The files for the most part are named for the document number Schrade or Imperial gave them when produced. The names are the prefix for the company (SC,SW,IK) followed by a year then the document number. If it was a 2 sided document I added a  -1 and for tri-fold and more I numbered the pages accordingly. While you cannot be 100% sure the knife in the picture was produced the same year that the flyer was made, it will be within 1 year of the date.

Schrade Knives

The flyers to the end of Schrade Walden in 1973

The flyers 1974-1979s

The flyers of the 1980's

The flyers of the 1990's

The flyers of the 2000's


Imperial knives and Tableware

    Little has been said about the "Tableware and Gadget" side of Imperial Schrade business.  Pocket and hunting knives ended up being the focus of the Schrade side of the business where Imperial tended to focus on the tableware and house-wares like serving spoons and potato peelers. Below I have split out the knives and the tableware flyers produced under the Imperial name.

Knife flyers pre 1980

Knife flyers 1980-2004


Tableware pre-1980

Tableware 1980-1989

Tableware 1990-1999

Tableware 2000-2004 (really stops in 2000)