Schrade wasn't real good about documenting their packaging changes,

so the best we can do is to compare pattern production dates with the packaging they appear in.


2003-2004 blue/grey diamondplate box & clampacks

mid 1990's clampack


circa 2001-2002 blue stripe boxes and clampacks



circa 1985/6 - 2001 tan (OT) and gray (UH) box and clampacks



...and these Grafillet knives circa 1983.


Just prior to the introduction of the clampacks, some Schrade knife patterns

were "blister-packed" (shrinkwrapped) to custom colored cards such as these UH fillet knives Circa 1982.

brown woodgrain folddown boxes

brown woodgrain slip top boxes

brown woodgrain hinge top boxes

and earlier series boxes (circa '74 here)

and later series boxes (circa '90's) 

There were also some white boxes,


red boxes, and... the older ones...


Then there were the clear tubes from the late sixties/early seventies.

Hope this helps!
Michael (Codger) 2/25/2007