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Ulster Project

Ok, Here we go.

First step was to clean up the edge and remove some of the rust and corrosion from the blade.


Look at what a backspring, they used to build'em right, didn't they?

now it is time to strighten out that bent liner.


Put her back together:

Now the blades had some side to side play, when I put it back together I had some excess pin sticking out of the bolster, I gave it a few good raps with a ball peen to spread the pin and correct the side to side play.

The bolsters were pitted, dinged, and marred, so I filed and sanded them smooth.


Then I peen over the rocker pin:

Not pictured, I clean the liners with 220 grit sandpaper, after removing the other handle and get ready to add new scales.

New handle blanks, elk stag:
I had no old handles to make a template from, so after sanding and filing the correct angles and length I traced around the liners with a pen and ground them in to a rough shape with a sander and a dremel tool and sand them down.

then I put them on the knife trace my bevels grind everything down and finish sand, this is how they look on the knife.

Buff them up

glue them on:

buff once again:

thought I'd show ya'll how I did it. I got carried away towards the last and didn't take as many pictures. I cleaned all the rust and corrosion inside and out, whoever had it let the blades go and they are pitted, but it gives the knife character. So what do you think?