Charles Smith's collection Making a nice Display

Picture 1 - View of the classic case with the frame polished and the glass clean.
Picture 2 – View showing the inter frame edge for the mounting board to rest on.
Picture 3 – View of the mounting board – I/8 inch plexi-glass with a black felt board attached using a spray adhesive on the plexi-glass.
Picture 4 - Small metal pins used to hold the mounting board tight to the frame.
Picture 5 – I divided the mounting board up into four quarters using a thread to aid in placement of the knives (Knives shown in the tins).
Picture 6 – View showing layout of knives on the mounting board (use the flyer to estimate distances between the knives).
Picture 7 - View of frame over the knives on the mounting board.
Picture 8 – Knives fixed to the mounting board (I use small plastic wire ties through holes drilled in the mounting board).
Picture 9 – View of the Classic Set in the completed frame.
Picture 10 – Another view of the completed case.
Picture 11 – View of another style of Classic Case that I recently purchased (this has a tin cover and the pin mounted in the case).
Picture 12 – View of both of my Classic Cases "


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Picture-06 Picture-07 Picture-08 Picture-09 Picture-10
Picture-06.jpg Picture-07.jpg Picture-08.jpg Picture-09.jpg Picture-10.jpg
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